Business Processes and Innovation

Murray Priestley helps business create systems to support their success. At the end of the day every business owner wants their business to run without them. Click to learn more about Murray Priestley’s business ideas.

So many business owners work day in and out not drawing an income, and for what? Is there anything to show for your work?

A workflow of reporting is critical to your success. Documenting what works and discarding what doesn’t.

Everything that is needed so that you can outsource, out-task or hire staff and leverage your business such that it can run without you.

There are really four reasons that you would want to run a Business Autopilot on your business. Firstly you want to make more profit. So, you want to be able to extract more value out of the business, get more clients, reduce your overhead expenses, and have the business run more efficiently, which ultimately generates more profit, leaving more money in your pocket.

Second, you want more growth. You may be at a stage in the business where you have been through a start-up phase and now you are into a rapid growth phase. You are developing new markets, and product innovation. You are looking to offer products and services to a larger number of clients to increase the growth of your business. Business process management is an important lesson to go through.